A motorized sprayer cuts your application time in half.

Evenly dispense product on your concrete surfaces with a battery powered, motorized sprayer that can be used and reused. Whether concrete stain or sealer, these motorized sprayers provide continuous spray. The sprayers accommodate a wide variety of products such as sealers, stains, curing compounds, form release agents, hardeners, and acids. Because you don’t pump, the spray is continuous, thus resulting in an evenly applied product.

manw sprayerssprayers bucketAll motorized sprayer units are designed to fit a five gallon bucket (not included) and some come with a locking handle for easy mobility. They are powered by a Dewalt 12 or 18 volt battery that provides three to five hours of power depending on the viscosity of the product. Better yet, place your five gallon bucket with the motorized sprayers attached into our specially designed portable cart and save your back!


Unlike typical pump sprayers that must be replaced frequently, our battery powered sprayers will be used over and over again. Because clean-up is easy, construction pros can expect the units to outlive the pump type sprayers many times over.


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